LXRYCLVB is an entertainment group composed of Keenan Mills & Shallah Hendrix. This creative duo paired up due to similar mindsets and shared passions. The last 5 years they have been honing their skills in 3 specific arenas. Music, Fashion, & Film.  These Native Up-State New Yorkers have set out to the city of angels to further progress on their dreams.


They have recently launched their first windbreaker jacket in hopes to fund more creative endeavors. The first one of which was released on March 13th 2020. “The Albvm” by LXRYCLVB is the culmination of years of the duo meshing. However, It is only the beginning of what we believe will be a long career in the music industry.  “The Albvm” takes you on an emotional roller coaster while covering numerous real world topics and circumstances. 


Since moving to California the company's eyes have been opened to many more of the world’s challenges. We believe that LXRY isn’t Just about having nice things or being an individual of high status. Yes, LXRY is about self ascension but more importantly it’s about lifting up the community around you. Which is why we have decided to devote $10 dollars of each jacket sale to feeding or clothing the Los Angeles transient community. 

                We are confident that LXRY has something to offer everyone. So check out our Albvm, try on a Windbreaker, or watch one of our videos. Just know that when you purchase from us you become a CLVB member for life.  

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